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Common English Expressions: Confiding in Someone

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Most of the time we share our feelings and secrets with someone because we trust them not to tell other people. To confide in is to impart secrets trustfully to someone who we trust not to tell anyone else. Here are some commonly used expressions used to confide in someone.

I believe you strongly
I trust you so much
I trust you implicitly
Don’t tell anyone
Don’t let the cat out of the bag
Keep it under your hat
You’re the person I believe much
No doubt, you will never expose it
You are my sole confidant
I feel like I could tell you anything
I want to tell you something
Can you keep a secret?
It’s top secret, you know it
It’s top secret, don’t expose it
I can tell you anything, right?
You’re trustworthy person
You are the only one I trust
This is just between me and you
Trust is very important to me
I believe in trust
This is completely confidential
It’s confidential!
It’s secret!
It’s not public

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