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Common English Expressions: At the Airport

Useful Expressions- At the Airport

An airplane is the fastest means of transports. It is just like a magic carpet which could take us to anywhere in the world. Most of the time we need to travel by plane. We face and observe different kinds of activities and situations at the airport. Definitely, this is the special experience for us before we board our flight. Here are the most common expressions used At the Airport.


  Passport please
  I’ll need to see your passport as well
  May I have your passport, please?
  Can I have your passport, please?
  May I see your passport, please?
  May I see your passport and ticket please?
  Can I have your ticket, please?
  Can I see your ticket, please?
  Hello. Are you flying to…?
  Good morning, where are you flying to?
  Do you have a photo-ID?
  Please show your photo ID
  Would you like to upgrade the class?
  Would you like a window seat?
  Would you like an aisle seat?
  Would you like an aisle or a window seat?
  How many bags are you checking?
  Do you have any baggage?
  Do you have a carry-on bag?
  Do you have hand luggage?
  Do you have any special food requirements? 
  Your flight is expected to take off on time
  Your flight has been delayed by two hours
  Flight … (Flight No.) to Singapore has been cancelled
  Flight … (Flight No.) to … has been cancelled
  Your connecting flight is cancelled.
  You have to go back to Terminal 1
  Go to Terminal 1
  Here’s your boarding pass. Have a nice flight


  Excuse me, where is the check-in counter for … Airlines?
  May I ask what terminal I am in?
  Sure. This is my passport
  Alright. Here is my passport and my e-ticket
  Here’s my passport
  Here’s my ticket
  Yeah, I’m flying to…
  I’m flying to…
  This is my ticket
  This is my photo ID
  An aisle seat, please
  A window seat, please
  Yes. I have two suitcases
  Can I buy a ticket here?
  How much is the ticket to…?
  When does the flight to … leave?
  Is my flight on time?
  Is my connecting flight on time?


  Please step through the scanner
  Do you have anything in your pockets?
  Have you any flammable material in your luggage?
  Is there any flammable material?
  Put your carry-on bag and all metal objects in a bin
  Can you put all personal belongings here?
  Please place your personal belongings here
  Please take off your shoes and belt
  Please place your shoes and belt here
  Empty your pockets, please
  Please take electronic devices out 
  Thank you for your co-operation
  You’re all set! Have a nice flight

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