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Common English Expressions: Apologizing For Being Late

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Most of the time we reach late to our workplace or meeting, due to various reasons. It’s absolutely unintentional. We accept our mistake for being late and we try to explain the reason humbly and honestly. Here are some words and expressions to express apology for being late.

I’m sorry!
Oh! Sorry
Sorry for late!
Sorry I’m late
I’m so sorry for being late
I’m really sorry for being late
I’m so sorry. I won’t let it happen again
I’m so sorry. I won’t let it happen next time
I’m so sorry that I’m late
I’m sorry to have kept you waiting
Sorry for keeping you waiting
I’m terribly sorry for being late
Thank you for waiting
Thanks for your patience
This isn’t like me; I’m never late
I don’t know how I’m late today
Sorry to keep you waiting
I hope you weren’t standing here too long
I hope you weren’t waiting here too long
I know I’m late, but so what?
Have you never been late in your life?
Please forgive me for being so late
Please accept my apology for being late
I guess it’s time for me to buy a watch! (joking)
I want to offer my sincerest apologies for being late today

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