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Unseen Passage No.5

Read the extract and complete the activities given below:   (12 Marks)

When shoes were first made, they were made flat without a heel. Since normal walking requires that the heel of the foot should strike the ground before the toes, these early shoes used to wear out quickly at the heel, prompting shoemakers to reinforce the heel, and so creating heeled shoes.

Women have been wearing high-heeled shoes for centuries in the pursuit of fashion. However, regularly wearing shoes with high heels can be hazardous. The biggest risk, perhaps, is losing your balance and breaking an ankle. Wearing high heels interferes with your normal gait. They throw your weight forward, making it difficult to sustain upright balance. They force you to use a lot of extra muscular effort to keep from falling forward.  Much of this extra effort is concentrated in the lower back arch, which can lead to back pain. Experts warn that high heels can also result in a variety of foot problems, including metatarsalgia, which is pain in the ball of the foot. Another condition called Morton’s neuroma, which is 10 times more common in women than men, is caused by the thickening of tissue around a nerve between the third and fourth toes. It usually envelops in response to imitation and excessive pressure, such as the burden of weight high heels place on the ball of the foot.

However, if one cannot resist wearing ‘heels, the following tips can help to keep your feet healthy. Always wear the correct fit. Have both feet measured the next time you buy shoes. You will probably find that one foot is larger than the other – always buy shoes to fit the larger foot, never buy shoes that are too tight. Buy shoes later in the day when your feet are a bit swollen. Never wear a heel higher than 6.5 cm. Only buy heels that you are comfortable in.

A1. Rewrite the following sentences and state whether they are True or False:   (2)

a. Initial shoes were without a heel.
b. Women have been wearing high- heeled shoes for centuries to get comfort.
c. High heels can create a variety of foot problems.
d. It is quite comfortable to wear a heel higher than 6.5 cm.

A2. Write. Drawbacks of regularly wearing shoes with high heels are:   (2)
i.   —————————–
ii.   —————————-
iii.   —————————-
iv.   —————————-

A3. Complete.   Complete the following statements:   (2)
i. The initial shoes were not very uncomfortable because
ii. To keep our feet healthy we must

A4. Personal Response.    (2)
Express your views regarding to wear shoes with high heels.

A5. Language Study.   (2)
1. Choose correct alternative to get ‘not only….but also’ form of the following sentence-
The biggest risk is losing your balance and breaking an ankle. 

a. The biggest risk not only is losing your balance but also breaking an ankle.
b. The biggest risk is not only losing your balance but also breaking an ankle.
c. Not only the biggest risk is losing your balance but also breaking an ankle.
d. The biggest risk is losing not only your balance but also breaking an ankle.  

2. Choose correct alternative to transform the sentence into Passive Voice-
Women were wearing high-heeled shoes.
a. High-heeled shoes are being worn by women.

b. High-heeled shoes have been worn by women.
c. High-heeled shoes were being worn by women.
d. High-heeled shoes are worn by women. 

Vocabulary.   (2)
Give antonyms of the following words by adding prefixes- under, im, ir, un:
i. regularly         ii. balance
iii. comfortable    iv.  pressure

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