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Std.10 Maharashtra State Board: Textual Grammar Worksheets

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Welcome to Maharashtra State Board Std. 10 Textual Grammar Worksheet Webpage! This is our effort to support students to practise various Grammar Examples from the lessons in the textbook. These Worksheets are presented in a printable PDF form which are quite convenient to download and study systematically. Answer links are also given at the bottom of each PDF.
  • An Encounter of a Special Kind
  • Be Smart
  • His First Flight
  • The Boy Who Broke the Bank
  • An Epitome of Courage
  • Book Review- Swami and Friends
  • World Heritage
  • A Lesson in Life from a Beggar
  • Let us March!
  • The Alchemy of Nature
  • Unbeatable Super Mom-Mary Kom

Download Worksheets:
1.2: An Encounter of a Special Kind DOWNLOAD PDF
1.4: Be Smart DOWNLOAD PDF
1.5: His First Flight DOWNLOAD PDF
2.2: The Boy Who Broke the Bank DOWNLOAD PDF
2.4: An Epitome of Courage DOWNLOAD PDF
2.5: Book Review- Swami and Friends DOWNLOAD PDF
2.6: World Heritage DOWNLOAD PDF
3.2: A Lesson in Life from a Beggar DOWNLOAD PDF
3.4: Let us March! DOWNLOAD PDF
3.5: The Alchemy of Nature DOWNLOAD PDF
4.4: Unbeatable Super Mom-Mary Kom DOWNLOAD PDF

उर्वरित पाठांचा लवकरच समावेश करण्यात येईल

1.2: An Encounter of a Special Kind:

1. What did the holidays provide for me?
2. The holidays have been providing an opportunity for me.
3. Squirrels were constantly attracted by the magnificent trees.
4. Where was the officer’s club?
5. wasn’t it?
6. They became a part and parcel of our existence.
7. Perfect Past Tense.
8. Who was a medical professional?
9. What was my father?
10. My father was a medical professional, wasn’t he?

1.4: Be Smart

1. Champions aren’t made in gyms, are they?
2. We shall not achieve our goals unless we take action to achieve them. OR
Unless we take action to achieve them, we shall not achieve our goals.
3. To set goals has two valuable assets.
4. don’t they?
5. We are unable to become a President.
6. Expecting to become an expert in a short amount of time is unrealistic because building expertise takes time.
7. We must have not only the clear picture in mind but also the ability to adhere to that picture.
8. They not only spark off imagination but also encourage us to define.
9. Unless we put anything in, we can’t get anything out. OR
We can’t get anything out unless we put anything in.
10. to create

1.5: His First Flight

1. His father and mother had come around calling to him, hadn’t they?
2. Perfect Past Tense
3. He had been watching his parents flying about with his brothers and sister.
4. He had not eaten since the previous nightfall so he felt the heat.
5. Where did he see his two brothers and his sister lying?
6. A vast green sea was seen by him.
7. to stand
8. He was unable to feel the tips of his wings.
9. Continuous Past Tense
10. He not only turned his beak sideways but also cawed amusedly.

2.2: The Boy Who Broke the Bank

1. He was using the small broom hurriedly and carelessly.
2. I haven’t even received my regular pay, have I?

3. The sweeper-boy complained that he didn’t wish to talk about it.
4. Though he’s with the bank just now, they aren’t giving him his pay.
5. Where did a large shady tamarind tree grow?
6. Continuous Past Tense
7. Unless they can pay the sweeper, they must be in a bad way.  OR
They must be in a bad way unless they can pay the sweeper.
8. Mrs. Bhushan said that she had been looking for him/her for almost an hour.
9. What did he declare?
10. He urged them not only to go home but also come back the next day.

2.4: An Epitome of Courage

1. to see
2. His imagination was sparked by the study of “black holes”.
3. Dr. Hawking is not a very rude/proud/arrogant/insolent man. (Make it negative)
4. He opted to study physics instead because the University of Oxford did not have a course in Mathematics

5. What did he begin studying?
6. Simple Past Tense
7. i. Positive: Very few scientists of this century are as great as Dr. Hawking.

   ii. Comparative: Dr. Hawking is greater than most other scientists of this century.
8. i. Positive: Very few books of our times are as good selling as “A Brief History Of Time”.
   ii. Comparative: His book “A Brief History Of Time” is better than most other selling books of our times.
9. What is his writing full of?

10. Stephen started to notice that he was becoming increasingly clumsy.

2.5: Book Review- Swami and Friends

1. I would rather give a glance into the book without mentioning any events, wouldn’t I?
2. Swami is a not quiet/silent little kid.
3. Swami is a kid who is unable to stay at one place.

4. wasn’t it?
5. Where is the book widely used?
6. Who is responsible for many of the outstanding literary works?
7. to imagine

8. Simple Present Tense
9. He constantly had got a good beating from his father.
10. The mischievousness of the kids is encompassed by it.

2.6: World Heritage

1. The sites are not only protected but also maintained by the International World Heritage Programme.
2. Why is the mountain also significant?
3. It remains the property of the country, doesn’t it?
4. to create
5. Countries can select sites from their Tentative Lists.
6. When did UNESCO launch an international campaign?
7. identifying, nominating

8. Simple Past Tense
9. Egypt had started plans to build the Aswan High Dam.
10. The world’s countries have been divided by the World Heritage Committee.

3.2: A Lesson in Life from a Beggar

1. We should buy an umbrella and then go to the Grand Hotel.
2. Where was I standing
3. Let’s go for a walk, shall we?
4. to avoid
5. What a beautiful girl Shwetha is!
6. How cheerful she was!

7. There was always something strange about her, wasn’t there?
8. I said that Shwetha was a very beautiful girl.
9. There was no traffic so the beggar and the young girl were playing on the road.
10. I would give my leftovers to this beggar every day.

3.4: Let us March!

1. He asked me what his fault was.
2. What do I see in the blinking stars?
3. We should keep our promises.
4. to accept
5. I have not only held their injured bodies but also felt their broken spirits.
6. Why have I come here?
7. Children are questioning our inaction as well as watching our actions.
8. Perfect Present Tense
9. His answer is making me angry.

10. I asked why he was working outside.

3.5: The Alchemy of Nature

1. We have been seeing small bits of grass peeping through the small cracks.
2. What did we see in the cold winter months?
3. The entire sky is coloured by a rainbow.
4. We went to a rocky beach, didn’t we?
5. Nature not only soothes but also nurtures.
6. Where have we a hibiscus plant?
7. Clouds are taking new shapes with every passing moment.
8. Simple Present Tense
9. Innumerable stars may/can shine across the infinite sky.

10. How colossal our problems are!

4.4: Unbeatable Super Mom-Mary Kom

1. eager
2. What is she famed as?
3. Mary Kom said that she was really happy with her achievements.
4. Her father was a keen wrestler in his younger age, wasn’t he?
5. She is not only a legend for sure but also an idol for all the sportswomen.
6. When did Mary Kom’s career start?
7. to gain, to fight
8. Though I was scoring, the judges were not pressing the buttons.
9. Present Perfect Tense
10. You had broken several stereotypes.

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