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English Grammar Worksheets Solutions

Lesson No.60: Solutions
Change the following sentences into Passive Voice:

1. The door was opened by Smith. The keys were given to him by the watchman. The keys were taken by Smith. They were kept on the table by him.
2. The room has been cleaned by Brian. It has been decorated by Steven. Tasty dishes have been made by Kevin. The plants were watered by the gardener yesterday.
3. The library magazines are regularly used by the students. They are issued books by the librarian. The library is also visited by the children. Noise is not made in the library by them.
4. What has been bought from the book fair by you? Nothing has been bought by me. Then why was it visited by you? It was visited to pass my free time by me.
5. The writing task must be completed by me. Payment may not be got without it by me. Money is needed quickly by me. Can I be helped by you?


Lesson No.59: Solutions
Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech:

  1. Harper exclaimed that it was a very beautiful sight.
  2. Jennifer exclaimed that the paper was very difficult.
  3. All players exclaimed with joy that they had won the match.
  4. He exclaimed with sorrow that his father was no more.
  5. Garry exclaimed with great joy that his kite was high up in the sky.
  6. Sam exclaimed that his father had been doing a very hard work.
  7. Doctor exclaimed with regret that he couldn’t save his father.
  8. Smith exclaimed that Elena was very clever.


Lesson No.58: Solutions
Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech:

  1. Alice requested Callie to give her the ink-pen that day.
  2. The old passenger requested to offer him his seat for some time.
  3. Javed suggested that they should play basketball on the ground.
  4. The teacher warned me not to make a noise.
  5. The commander commanded to fire at the enemy.
  6. Father advised son to use mask at public places.
  7. The teacher suggested students to write their papers with blue ink-pen.
  8. Lillian reminded to send an email at 6 o’clock.


Lesson No.57: Solutions
Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech:

  1. John asked Ralph if he was going to buy a new shirt that day.
  2. The teacher asked students if they had completed their homework.
  3. Bella asked Smith whether he really wanted to leave that college.
  4. The Professor asked if there was any question to ask then.
  5. Rehan asked Ahmed if he had gone to meet his uncle the day before.
  6. I asked my mother what she had been writing in the notebook.
  7. Mrunal asked Riya how long she was staying there in Mumbai.
  8. The coach asked players why they were late that day.


Lesson No.56: Solutions
Change the following sentences into Indirect Speech:

  1. Beatrice said that she wanted to go to California the next day.
  2. Craig said that he had given some books to his brother then.
  3. She says that they are going to watch the football match.
  4. Amy said that her father had helped her to solve those examples.
  5. Thomas told his son that he could come with him to meet his teacher.
  6. Father told Samantha that she needed to take her medicines that night.
  7. Adam told Calvin that they were going to visit India next week.
  8. Ralph will say that their plan is to solve these problems now.


Lesson No.55: Solutions
Complete the sentences by choosing correct prepositions:

  1. We cut across from the south face and started up the west side. 
  2. during the online webinar the chairman gave proper instructions. 
  3. Two or three people could stand there on the roof of the world. 
  4. No man can be grateful at the cost of his honour. 
  5. The event was concluded by a sincere Vote of Thanks. 
  6. with the advent of irrigation, farmers were tempted to grow a second crop. 
  7. He was the most brilliant novelist of his times. 
  8. The online admission portal will be closed within fifteen days. 
  9. Over the years the snow has accumulated into thick layers. 
  10. after searching the mine with no results, Dennis went to get the officer 
  11. The coins were hidden beneath the floorboards. 
  12. They can help to start a dialogue between designers and inventors. 
  13. Everyone was very concerned about the bad incident. 
  14. We looked behind us and saw the train arriving speedily. 
  15. We never heard of any defeats or frustrations. 


Lesson No.54: Solutions
Identify the Mood in the following sentences:

  1. Imperative Mood  2. Indicative Mood  3. Subjunctive Mood  4. Imperative Mood  5. Indicative Mood  6. Subjunctive Mood  7. Imperative Mood  8. Imperative Mood  9. Indicative Mood  10. Indicative Mood  11. Subjunctive Mood  12. Imperative Mood  13. Subjunctive Mood  14. Subjunctive Mood  15. Indicative Mood  16. Subjunctive Mood  17. Imperative Mood  18. Indicative Mood


Lesson No.53: Solutions
Frame Wh-questions so as to get an underlined parts as an answers:

1. What did Olivia see standing proudly and reaching high into space?
2. Why did he keep us on a tight leash with his stern countenance?
3. Why did my brother sleep on the floor in friends’ rooms?
4. When did Steve drop out of Reed College?    
5. How many women are there serving in the Military Nursing and Medical Department?
6. Who is responsible for many of the outstanding literary works?
7. Where did the doctor take me to show different types of patients?
8. Whom should we talk to regarding the present situation?


Lesson No.52: Solutions

Lesson No.51: Solutions
Nouns: championship, difference, emphasis, household, parliament, pressure, province, sequence, survey, temperature
Verbs: accelerate, backslide, conquer, diagnose, implement, interweave, leverage, measure, overcome, unravel
Adjectives: arrogant, belligerent, changeable, defiant, enthusiastic, festive, heartbreaking, instinctive, unaccountable, whimsical
Adverbs: accidentally, afterwards, deliberately, generously, inadequately, intellectually, mysteriously, seldom, successfully, violently


Lesson No.50: Solutions
Complete the sentences using the adjectives from above:

  1. One of my friends lived in perpetual fear of being caught and imprisoned.
  2. Corruption is now rampant in most of the countries.
  3. If you behave arrogantly, He will definitely make sarcastic
  4. The recently discovered fossils have a tangible connection to the history.
  5. The students were bored by the speaker’s long and tedious
  6. Cake shops are ubiquitous these days everywhere.
  7. Different kinds of venomous snakes are found throughout the world.
  8. My elder sister is beautiful, vivacious, and charming.
  9. It took a painstaking investigation to find the people behind the conspiracy.
  10. Superficial scratches on the skin can be easily removed.
  11. When she turned back, all people saw waggish expressions on her face.
  12. They made substantial changes according to the sizes of the rooms.
  13. They returned to a wretched city, destructed with civil war.
  14. His disease was so terrible that his own skin was repulsive to him.
  15. There were many small houses and lanes in the quaint European villages.


Lesson No.49: Solutions
Complete the sentences using the adjectives from above:

  1. Harry gave me a gorgeous bouquet of roses for our anniversary.
  2. All students felt mortified when the teachers scolded them for misbehaviour.
  3. John was too chivalrous to abandon his opponent in an apparent extremity.
  4. The cat moved leisurely in a languid motion after sleeping for hours.
  5. The beat of the music was strangely hypnotic.
  6. It was probably the tension that made Olivia jittery.
  7. We should eat organic food to maintain our health.
  8. He was looking bewildered while explaining the situation to us.
  9. Those people were fanatical Marxist communists.
  10. The medicine was too efficacious to fight against the new virus.
  11. The new selection committee is facing some knotty
  12. Has she been looking for an acoustic guitar chords chart?
  13. Surprisingly, she was nonchalant about her husband’s death.
  14. Our incandescent Christmas lights illuminate the living room.
  15. The financial company has engaged in deceitful practices for years.


Lesson No.48: Solutions
Fill in the blanks with the words in brackets to form new suitable words:

  1. Whenever we meet, we talk about freedom and peace in the world today.
  2. My elder brother spent his childhood in South Africa.
  3. The new car is not affordable for us. It’s too expensive.
  4. The destruction of our rainforests is a really serious problem.
  5. Listen carefully to the instructions before you start to write.
  6. Don’t they think it’s too dangerous for them to swim in the river now?
  7. You have to wear the helmet for safety reasons.
  8. The teacher made few corrections in the essay I wrote yesterday.
  9. Luckily, I was invited for the inauguration of book-exhibition.
  10. George gave me some good advice about the right way for hiking.
  11. My sister had no difficulty in finding the way to airport.
  12. The employees were very noisy when the boss came in.
  13. The movie was quite boring. I almost fell asleep.
  14. To write a good poem, you need a lot of imagination.
  15. You have the choice. You can either play cricket or football.
  16. Smith, thank you for being so helpful in the morning today.


Lesson No.47: Solutions
  1. There was a considerable enhancement in the power of his eyes.
  2. George shook his head with regret.
  3. My father had worked for the analysis of mankind’s troubles.
  4. Smith knew what was happening to himself next minute.
  5. It was a bewildered crisscross of light rays.
  6. There will be a preparation of some nice stuff for my friend by me.
  7. You tried killing him.
  8. The other heard it and groaned.


Lesson No.46: Solutions

Find the substitute words from Column B for the meanings/definitions in Column A:

2-e 3- m
15-j 16-a


Lesson No.45: Solutions

Find the substitute words from Column B for the meanings/definitions in Column A:

1-h 2-p 3-g
15-d 16-a


Lesson No.44: Solutions
Spot the errors in the following sentences and rewrite them correctly:

A large supply of medicines is expected.
Is the cake sufficient enough for all of you?
Arya speaks neither English nor Japanese.
Her mother would not let her go for movie.
My father agreed to go with me now.
Did you play football with your friends?
I can’t help him unless he tells me all.
Harry read it in one and a half hours.
The police just saw him leave the bank.
America was discovered by Columbus.
Graham Bell invented telephone in 1874.
Robin is stronger than Kevin.
Sarah lived in London for five years.
My mother was sitting just beside me.
He took off his hat and coat.
The child tore the paper into two halves.


Lesson No.43: Solutions
Spot the errors in the following sentences and rewrite them correctly:

Civics is not included in school curriculum.
The property was divided between A and B.
It is the serious matter between you and me.
Although he played well, he was nervous.
None of them was participated in the show.
Smith thought himself capable of doing it.
There is a mall on each side of the street.
I think, your condition is different from mine.
We provided the mountaineers a lunch.
Why are you wasting your valuable time?
Neither of us was present for the ceremony.
George reached the airport at 10 a.m.
Smith’s been ill since last Sunday.
The lawyer charged his client high fees.
There is less snow today than yesterday.
Neither the captain nor vice-captain was fit.


Lesson No.42: Solutions
Spot the errors in the following sentences and rewrite them correctly:

1. Please give me your mobile phone for some time, will you?
2. Though the water was ice-cold, John dared to swim.  OR  The water was ice-cold, but John dared to swim.
3. Despite getting hurt, she did not lose her temper on him.
4. What did our English teacher teach yesterday?
5. “Has your son gone to college today?” Mary asked her neighbour.
6. Burj Khalifa is taller than any other tower in the universe.
7. Look at that dog across the street!
8. Whenever Smith meets me he talks about politics and economy.


Lesson No.41: Solutions
Spot the errors in the following sentences and rewrite them correctly:

1. The coach asked players that why they were late that day.
2. Water as well as soil are important factors in the environment of plants.
3. It’s so small thing that you can’t see it easily.
4. Many mountaineers lost their lives in landslide last year.
5. That honest grocer has plenty of customers.
6. This is the fact that my brother is two years younger than me.
7. This novel deals with many common errors.
8. Shall we go to the station on foot?


Lesson No.40: Solutions
Spot the errors in the following sentences and rewrite them correctly:

1. Are you related to Smith in any way?
2. They were warned of the danger.
3. The price of this mobile phone is higher than that of yours.
4. It takes me about an hour to reach the college.
5. He gave an apple to each of the children.
6. Are you interested in your work?
7. Twenty years is a long time to spend lonely.
8. The bank manager was sitting at his desk.


Lesson No.39: Solutions
Complete the sentences by choosing correct prepositions:

  1. A tenuous link with the outside was provided by the radio.
  2. They should be marked out from their youth for employment of an active type.
  3. Between the two rivals, there was a long history.
  4. People don’t know what’s going on inside the minds of others.
  5. John is rising up from his position in the office.
  6. He reached the venue before the time allotted to him.
  7. They live in an apartment above
  8. During the lecture, students were making noise.
  9. We got connected through facebook. 
  10. John threw his arms around the shoulders of Jennie.
  11. The cool and soft grass felt soothing beneath feet.
  12. He saw innumerable flowers beside the lake.
  13. I will return your book within two or three days.
  14. The real Nightingale was banished from the Imperial states.
  15. I will conduct my lecture after the recess.


Lesson No.38: Solutions
Fill in the blanks with correct forms of Future Continuous Tense:

  1. I’ll be celebrating my birthday tomorrow evening.
  2. The teacher will be conducting a grammar test.
  3. We will be staying in Jerusalem for two weeks.
  4. James will be watching a movie with his friends.
  5. The show will be telecasting on the national TV.
  6. They will be looking perfect together at their wedding.
  7. Jack will be riding his new bike next week.
  8. I will be conducting an exam tomorrow.
  9. Students will be taking an exam after two days.
  10. You will not be carrying cellphone with you.
  11. The college will not be conducting exams in this situation.
  12. Will the players be winning the World Cup Final?
  13. Will they be sending invitations to all their friends?
  14. Will the students be completing the online course successfully?
  15. What will the teachers be planning for next year?


Lesson No.37: Solutions
Fill in the blanks with correct forms of Future Perfect Tense:

  1. That flight will have taken off.
  2. The couple will have completed 10 years of marriage on 3rd February.
  3. My brother will have purchased a new car next month.
  4. The children will have made a lot of mess in the house.
  5. You will have solved ‘Daily Grammar Worksheets’ by tomorrow.
  6. I will have gone to attend the seminar.
  7. Susan will have met her childhood friends tomorrow.
  8. The members will have announced the decision.
  9. The traffic police will have caught him by now.
  10. All students will not have submitted their journals tomorrow.
  11. They will not have wasted their time in watching movies.
  12. Will the players have won the World Cup Final?
  13. Will they have not written the poems by then?
  14. Will the students have completed the online course successfully?
  15. What will the teachers have planned for next year?


Lesson No.36: Solutions
  • Livestock are carried away from villages by older leopards.
  • The forests have taught me many things.
  • This creates resentment among locals towards the animals.
  • Life lessons are also taught by tracking an animal.
  • Almost 80 percent of a season’s yield of sugarcane has been lost by me.
  • My solitary visits to African forest amazed Smith.
  • They have done all the research on the animal through camera traps.


Lesson No.35: Solutions
Complete the sentences by choosing correct Connectors:

  1. Evidently, I was taken aback by the news.
  2. First you enroll your name, second, attend the lectures regularly.
  3. Umbrella is so useful in rains, additionally, it protects from Sun in summer.
  4. I like Romantic poets, for example, William Wordsworth, Keats, etc.
  5. Along with your resume, you must attach photocopies of all your testimonials.
  6. Whereas the elder brother is an engineer, the younger one is an accountant.
  7. They are indifferent as well as
  8. Many people are well-to-do, nevertheless, they are not happy.
  9. At last, I come to the interesting part of this game.
  10. I was not able to do that so my friend did it instead.
  11. The police subsequently arrested him red-handed.
  12. Eventually, I realised that I must follow my dreams.
  13. Put the pan on the gas, next, pour some edible oil in it.
  14. Portia was quick-witted and intelligent, that’s why, she could save Antonio.
  15. Even though he was egoistic, he felt pity for the poor.
  16. She may not perform well in Maths, but conversely, she may do better in English.
  17. As pandemic situations still persist, we are bound to work from home.
  18. To sum up, it is going to end soon.


Lesson No.34: Solutions
Complete the sentences by choosing correct Connectors:

  1. John went shopping, meanwhile, Clara decorated the entire house.
  2. Portia is extremely beautiful, moreover, she is witty and resourceful.
  3. A new bike is so expensive, alternatively, we can go for a used one.
  4. Antonio thought Shylock was sincere, but on the contrary, the latter was vicious in his intentions.
  5. Although it was raining cats and dogs, he went to office.
  6. Because of severe headache, she was not able to focus on her work.
  7. She is so good-looking, but her husband is not that much by contrast.
  8. Notwithstanding successive failures, he tried again and again.
  9. You must realize the situation and act accordingly.
  10. He had presence of mind, consequently, he saved many lives.
  11. Climate-change is the result of man’s excessive interference in the environment.
  12. He got a power of attorney and thereby, took over all the property deceitfully.
  13. In comparison to his father, David is not humble.
  14. You must draw a picture of house in similar manner shown in the book.
  15. That little girl so is sweet, apart from being mischievous.
  16. Beg his pardon, otherwise, you will be dismissed from the job.
  17. Finally, the chapter is closed forever.


Lesson No.33: Solutions

English Grammar Worksheet No_033_collocations

Lesson No.32: Solutions
●  Adjectives+Noun Collocations
heavy snow, silent mode, meagre income, hard rock, fiscal year, unique creation
●  Noun+Noun Collocations
home appliances, market place, disk brake, office staff, mobile data, gas burner
●  Noun+Verb Collocations
eye contact, house keeping, sleep walk, sky diving, nail polish, mouth watering
●  Verb+Noun Collocations
rising sun, sell products, waning moon, making fool, giving advice, raise voice
●  Verb+Adverb Collocations
feel deeply, wait patiently, rub gently, drive rashly, say loudly, speak fluently
●  Adverb+Verb Collocations
rapidly read, seriously affected, speedily driven, badly abused, prematurely born, gently touched


Lesson No.31: Solutions
Complete the Table:

1. Richness, Enrich, Richly
2. Creativity, Create, Creative
3. Anger, Angry, Angrily
4. Excuse, Excusable, Excusably
5. Freshness, Freshen, Fresh
6. Regularity, Regulate, Regularly
7. Infection, Infectious, Infectiously
8. Pain, Painful, Painfully
9. Watch, Watch, Watchful
10. Understanding, Understand, Understandably
11. Invent, Inventive, Inventively
12. Rest, Restless, Restlessly
13. Expression, Express, Expressively
14. Wonder, Wonderful, Wonderfully
15. Persuasion, Persuade, Persuasive
16. Support, Supportive, Supportively
17. Peace, Pacify, Peacefully
18. Open, Open, Openly
19. Separation, Separable/Separate, Separately
20. Provision, Provide, Provisional

useful english speaking expressions

Lesson No.30: Solutions
Complete the Table:

1. Continuity, Continue, Continuous  
2. Admire, Admirable, Admirably
3. Protection, Protect, Protectively
4. Memory, Memorize, Memorable
5. Success, Successful, Successfully
6. Strengthen, Strong, Strongly
7. Madness, Mad, Madly
8. Forgetfulness, Forget, Forgetfully
9. Urgency, Urge, Urgent
10. Signify, Significant, Significantly
11. Justification, Justifiable, Justifiably
12. Boredom, Bore, Boringly
13. Belief, Believe, Believable
14. Need, Needful, Needfully
15. Joy, Enjoy, Joyously
16. Depth, Deep, Deeply
17. Accept, Acceptable, Acceptably
18. Decoration, Decorate, Decorative
19. Attraction, Attractive, Attractively
20. Completion, Complete, Completely


Lesson No.29: Solutions
Complete the Table:

1. Power, Empower, Powerfully
2. Destroy, Destructive, Destructively
3. Force, Forceful, Forcefully
4. Comfort, Comfort, Comfortable
5. Action, Active, Actively
6. Glorify, Glorious, Gloriously
7. Danger, Endanger, Dangerously
8. Difference, Different, Differently
9. Attention, Attend, Attentive
10. Create, Creative, Creatively
11. Energy, Energetic, Energetically
12. Brightness, Brighten, Brightly
13. Sadness, Sadden, Sad
14. Quicken, Quick, Quickly
15. Argument, Arguable, Arguably
16. Gladness, Gladden, Glad
17. Darken, Dark, Darkly
18. Amazement, Amazing, Amazingly
19. Condition, Condition, Conditional
20. Add, Additional, Additionally


Lesson No.28: Solutions
Punctuate the following:

  1. Harper said, “What a beautiful sight it is!”
Next Friday, my brother Robin is going to join Yorkshire Academy.
  3. Wasn’t Sophia born on the 13th of December 1996?
  4. ‘No,’ said Mrs. Scarlett, ‘I haven’t seen him since Wednesday.’  
  5. “What are you writing in English notebook?” George said to Smith.
  6. My goodness! Jacob failed in Mathematics and Physics.
  7. My Head Office was in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, very near Boston.
  8. Smith said, “Elena, how clever you are!”


Lesson No.27: Solutions
Punctuate the following:

  1. Smith and George like watching football, hockey, and tennis on T.V.
  2. Hamlet’s famous soliloquy says, “To be, or not to be. That is the question.”
  3. John joined the football team; remarkably, the young man played excellently.
  4. And so vehemently David said, “Oh God, it’s unutterable. I can’t live without my love!”
  5. Richard spends his time by reading Shakespearean plays, doesn’t he?
  6. Bella said, “Smith, are you really going to London with your parents on Sunday?”
  7. https://www.globalenglishcreativity.com/punctuations/ 
  8. Robert is so humane, generous, good-natured, and kind man.


Lesson No.26: Solutions
Change the following Assertive sentences into Exclamatory:

  1. What a beautiful snowy evening it was by the woods!
  2. Yuck! He fell in the muddy pond!
  3. Wow! You invested money in some business.
  4. How tiny and beautiful those flowers are!
  5. How hot it is everywhere these days!
  6. Ouch! I have cramps in my body.
  7. Thank God! He is safe and sound.
  8. Alas! He lost his job.


Lesson No.25: Solutions
Change the following Exclamatory sentences into Assertive:

1. It’s very bad that the weather is too cloudy today to go out.
2. It is a very beautiful piece of architecture.
3. It’s very sad that he died young of an accident.
4. It is a matter of sorrow that he failed in the test.
5. It’s very bad that it’s raining cats and dogs.
6. It’s very sad that he has been starving for a couple of days.
7. You are very stupid to do such a thing.
8. It’s very joyful that she got a job.


Lesson No.24: Solutions

Match the Idioms in Column A with their meanings in Column B:

1-  m 2-  p 3-  l 4-  j 5-  i 6-  b 7-  e 8-  o
9-  n 10-  a 11-  h 12- f 13-  k 14-  c 15-  d 16-  g


Lesson No.23: Solutions

Match the Idioms in Column A with their meanings in Column B:

1- h 2- p 3- f 4- o 5- d 6- n 7- l 8- j
9- b 10- e 11- g 12- k 13- c 14- i 15- a 16- m


Lesson No.22: Solutions
Fill in the blanks with positive, comparative and superlative forms of the correct adjectives in the brackets:

  1. Your sister is more brilliant than you.
  2. Smith is as tall as his brother.
  3. The roof of your house is higher than that of the neighbouring house.
  4. The lion is the most dangerous animal in the zoo.
  5. George is the most punctual person in our entire office.
  6. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world.
  7. The path of honesty is tougher than that of dishonesty.
  8. My new house is costlier than the one I used to live in.
  9. My sister is the most beautiful girl in our family.
  10. That is the cutest cat I have ever seen.
  11. Of all players, he is the most tactful player.
  12. She is the humblest actress in the film industry.
  13. Daniel is looking as handsome as his father.
  14. His brother ran as fast as he could in the race yesterday.
  15. I have the most wonderful mother in the world.


Lesson No.21: Solutions
Change the Degrees:

  1. This is the most touching and emotional scene in the story. (Superlative)
    : No other scene in the story is as touching and emotional as this is.
    : This is more touching and emotional than any other scene in the story.
  2. She is the most beautiful and arrogant girl in the class. (Superlative)
    : No other girl in the class is as beautiful and arrogant as she is.
    : She is more beautiful and arrogant than any other girl in the class.
  3. Peter is the most aggressive man in the team. (Superlative)
    : No other man in the team is as aggressive as Peter.
    : Peter is more aggressive than any other man in the team.
  4. This is the most interesting play of Galsworthy. (Superlative)
    : No other play of Galsworthy is as interesting as this.
    : This play is more interesting than any other play of Galsworthy.
  5. Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. (Superlative)
    : No other country in the world is as small as Vatican City. 
    : Vatican City is smaller than any other country in the world.


Lesson No.20: Solutions
Change the Degrees:

  1. John is the shortest boy in the group. (Superlative)
    : No other boy in the group is as short as John.
    : John is shorter than any other boy in the group.
  2. China is the most populous country in the world. (Superlative)
    : No other country in the world is as populous as China.
    : China is more populous than any other country in the world.
  3. Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the universe. (Superlative)
    : No other tower in the universe is as tall as Burj Khalifa.
    : Burj Khalifa is taller than any other tower in the universe.
  4. Shakespeare is one of the most popular poets of England. (Superlative)
    : Very few poets of England are as popular as Shakespeare.
    : Shakespeare is more popular than any other poet of England.
  5. She is the most hypocritical character in the play. (Superlative)
    : No other character in the play is as hypocritical as her. 
    : She is more hypocritical than any other character in the play.


Lesson No.19: Solutions
Sr.No. Word Prefix Suffix
1 suggest auto-suggest suggestion
2 lingual bilingual linguist
3 view review viewer
4 natural supernatural naturalism
5 tone monotone toner
6 week workweek weekly
7 play replay player
8 imagine re-imagine imagination
9 form biform formation
10 present represent presentation
11 focal bifocal focally
12 mobile automobile mobility
13 human superhuman humanity
14 incarnate reincarnate incarnation


Lesson No.18: Solutions
Sr.No. Word Prefix Suffix
1 represent misrepresent representation
2 use reuse, misuse useless
3 perfect imperfect perfection
4 read unread, reread readable
5 important unimportant importance
6 settle unsettle settlement
7 treat ill-treat, retreat treatment
8 understand misunderstand understandable
9 exam re-exam examination
10 function malfunction functional
11 logic illogic illogical
12 arrange rearrange arrangement
13 clear unclear clearance
14 conception misconception conceptional


Lesson No.17: Solutions
Sr.No. Word Prefix Suffix
1 attached unattached attachment
2 clear unclear clearly
3 connect disconnect connection
4 continue discontinue continuous
5 danger endanger dangerously, dangerous
6 determine undetermine determination
7 infect disinfect infection
8 fulfill unfulfill fulfillment
9 legal illegal legally
10 legitimate illegitimate legitimately
11 polite impolite politely
12 possible impossible possibly
13 sure unsure surely
14 tight untight tightly


Lesson No.16: Solutions
Use ‘can/could/cannot/could not/able to/unable to’ properly:

  1. Robert can speak Spanish very fluently.
  2. We could not walk properly during the snowfall.
  3. He is the only person who is able to help you at the moment.
  4. We are unable to complete this work within a week.
  5. The prisoner can not cope up with the world after coming out.
  6. The students can learn new things easily and quickly.
  7. Robert was able to speak Spanish very fluently.
  8. I am unable to live without cell-phone these days.


Lesson No.15: Solutions
Change the following sentences into Passive Voice:

  1. The plants were watered by the gardener yesterday.
  2. The handle was then turned to click the photograph by Peter.
  3. Milk-cream is taken out by us and it is collected for a few days.
  4. The library magazines are regularly used by the students.
  5. To avoid marriage, a condition was laid down by her.
  6. What has been bought today from the book fair by you?
  7. Enough rain wouldn’t be got by us without them.
  8. Some features were changed in the new mobile phone by Smith.
  9. Will a tree be planted by you in a year?
  10. The trees should not be cut unnecessarily.
  11. Employees are required by the company to handle the workshop every year.
  12. Money was generously donated to the Old Age Home by George.
  13. The invitations will be sent by Olivia to all her friends.
  14. The contract is being signed by the two companies today.
  15. Will the webinar be attended by your brother in the evening?


Lesson No.14: Solutions
Frame Wh-questions so as to get an underlined parts as an answers:

  • Why had they been quarreling for many years?
  • When are the University Examinations going to be conducted?
  • What did Portia disguise herself as?
  • Where had an exceptional battle begun on the move?
  • How did I start responding the treatment?
  • Why does Jacob invite my family members?
  • Where was the officer’s club?
  • Where did he see his two brothers and his sister lying?
  • Why is the mountain also significant?
  • Why have I come here?
  • When did we see a tree bare of all leaves?
  • What is she famed as?
  • What was she equally concerned about?
  • What is one of the common symptoms of a swine disease?
  • Where have the birds taken shelter?


Lesson No.13: Solutions
Choose the correct Prepositions:
(around, between, after, during, before, across, from, since, within, by,  for, to, beneath, in )

  1. Students must know the subject codes before submitting their exam forms.
  2. I have to finish this project by the end of this month.
  3. I usually go to some hill station during summer vacation.
  4. He got back to the job after recovering from Covid-19.
  5. I have been staying here for the last 10 years.
  6. He is going to start working from this August.
  7. I was born in 1984 in the month of October.
  8. He has been doing a job in this field since
  9. The admission procedure will be open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  10. You must submit the assignment within two days.
  11. There is a petrol-pump just across the road.
  12. All the family members were sitting around the table for dinner.
  13. He hid the documents beneath the pile of papers.
  14. A hero was asked to choose between a girl-friend and mother.


Lesson No.12: Solutions
Fill in the blanks with correct forms of Past Perfect Tense:

  1. All students had gathered on the ground to play football.
  2. It had rained cats and dogs for hours yesterday.
  3. She had given her best performance in dance competition.
  4. My brother had turned the TV on when I was reading a book.
  5. Jacob had gone when I arrived at the bus stop.
  6. They had committed a blunder while feeding data on website.
  7. Harry had reached home before the rain started.
  8. I was unable to pay the bill because I had forgotten my card at home.
  9. George had not taken an advice of his father.
  10. She had not submitted valid documents for the course.
  11. Noah had not sung her favourite song in the party last week.
  12. Had the gardener watered the plants regularly?
  13. Where had they travelled last winter?
  14. Hadn’t he talked with the teacher?
  15. Why had John participated in the debate?


Lesson No.11: Solutions
Fill in the blanks with correct forms of Present Perfect Tense:

  1. All have sung a patriotic song together.
  2. George has sent an email to his classmates.
  3. I have handled the situation using my skill and experience.
  4. Children have done the experiments in the laboratory.
  5. You have solved ‘Daily Grammar Worksheet’.
  6. I have gone to attend the seminar.
  7. The couple has visited the holy places.
  8. The members have announced the decision.
  9. John has not studied in this international school.
  10. The dancers have not showed their dance performance today.
  11. They have not wasted their time in watching movies.
  12. Have I explained the topic properly?
  13. How many students have attended the online lecture?
  14. Have the players played more confidently today?
  15. Has my mother cooked food for the family?


Lesson No.10: Solutions
Use ‘In spite of’ / ‘Despite’:

  1. Despite the fact that she studied well, she couldn’t pass the exam.
  2. In spite of having a good qualification, John didn’t get a satisfactory job.
  3. Despite the fact that the water was so cold, the boys enjoyed swimming in the river.
  4. In spite of the fact that Mary had many obstacles, she remained composed.
  5. John got a good job, despite having an average grades.
  6. In spite of his criminal history, he got a job in a reputed company.
  7. Despite having educated his children properly, he could not get them properly settled.
  8. In spite of being the youngest, she showed the great degree of maturity every time.


Lesson No.9: Solutions
Use ‘so’ / ‘because’:

  1. I remained absent for the meeting because I was not feeling well yesterday.
  2. He had a strong will-power so he could recover from Corona.
  3. Robert took rest for some time because he was very tired.
  4. It was very thrilling and interesting so I watched the full movie yesterday.
  5. Jessica ordered the food from hotel because she was not feeling well. 
  6. She burnt the midnight oil so she could complete the task in time.
  7. A lot of students failed in that subject because they didn’t attend most of the lectures.
  8. it is very soothing and refreshing so I love spending time in the lap of Nature.


Lesson No.8: Solutions
Add a Question Tag in the following sentences:

  1. We are going to visit US next week, aren’t we?
  2. She has worked in the office, hasn’t she?
  3. They haven’t played well yesterday, have they?
  4. Friends did not invite me for the ceremony, did they?
  5. The wind was not blowing when we reached there, was it?
  6. We saw a movie yesterday, didn’t we?
  7. Plants need soil and water to live, don’t they?
  8. Nobody helped them to carry their bags, did they?
  9. Anybody can solve this problem easily, can’t they?
  10. There were many problems in the family, weren’t there?
  11. There is not a special office for technical staff, is there?
  12. Let’s play basketball on the ground, shall we?
  13. Give me the ink-pen for today, will you?
  14. Please offer me your sit for some time, will you?
  15. I’m going to participate in the camp, aren’t I?


Lesson No.7: Solutions
Choose the correct Quantifiers:

  1. We have a number of options available in this situation.
  2. Peter and Paul both are very good human beings.
  3. They loved each other from the bottom of their hearts.
  4. Either of the students can tell us what happened during the recess.
  5. He wants to earn lots of money after starting his own business.
  6. Most of the time, he sits idly doing nothing at all.
  7. Mary didn’t go to the party last night and neither did Robert.
  8. Wait a bit. I am coming back soon.
  9. He has contributed a great deal of works to literature.
  10. She donated a large amount of her property to the orphanage.
  11. The businessman bought a large quantity of fruits from the market.
  12. Still there are few people in the world who believe in non-violence.
  13. I know none of the three men. It is none of your business!
  14. Both are intelligent students, either will stand first in the exam.


Lesson No.6: Solutions
Fill in the blanks with correct forms of Past Perfect Continuous Tense:

  1. My friend had been making a box with the help of her sister.
  2. It had been raining cats and dogs for hours yesterday.
  3. The thieves had been stealing money from the city mall.
  4. His elder sister had been dreaming to marry a prince.
  5. Jack and his brother had been wrestling for ten years.
  6. All the mountaineers had been climbing for whole day.
  7. The patient had been facing backache since morning.
  8. John had been studying at Oxford University for five years.
  9. Alvin had not been taking an advice of his father.
  10. It had not been snowing since morning.
  11. Rehman had not been playing rugby daily on his school ground.
  12. Had the gardener been watering the plants regularly?
  13. Where had they been hiding since morning?
  14. Hadn’t he been walking on the ground every morning?
  15. What had she been cooking for the family?


Lesson No.5: Solutions
Fill in the blanks with correct forms of Present Perfect Continuous Tense:

  1. Emily has been studying in the college.
  2. All students have been waiting for the teacher.
  3. I have been singing many classical songs.
  4. He has been living in Washington for twenty-two years.
  5. They have been playing on the ground since evening.
  6. Mary has been hiding her miseries from all for many years.
  7. My father has been working in US Army for ten years.
  8. Farmers have been working in the farm since morning.
  9. Sophia has not been participating in drawing competition.
  10. I have not been teaching English for five years.
  11. You have not been doing your work sincerely.
  12. Have you been trying to solve the problem?
  13. What have they been writing since yesterday?
  14. Hasn’t he been watching a movie?
  15. Where has he been doing the job in this city?


Lesson No.4: Solutions
Use ‘Unless’ / ‘If…not’:

1. Smith would be here right now unless his train was late.
2. If the bus doesn’t come now, I’m going to cancel my plan.
3. You’ll be seriously ill, unless you stop smoking.
4. If you had not done that, it would have been better.
5. I won’t help you unless you tell me the truth.
6. If you are not willing to do this course, you will not be forced to go for the same.
7. Unless she saves money, she can’t buy that piano on her birthday.


Lesson No.3: Solutions
Use ‘No sooner…. than’ / Use ‘As soon as’:

  1. No sooner did I step out than it started raining cats and dogs.
  2. No sooner does this movie ends than I will go to sleep.
  3. No sooner did I reach the college than I started working on my laptop.
  4. I will clean the entire house as soon as I get some days off from my job.
  5. As soon as he finished his performance, audience kept clapping for a while.
  6. The boys left for home as soon as their classes were finished.
  7. As soon as this pandemic comes to an end, people will feel relieved.


Lesson No.2: Solutions
Fill in the blanks with correct forms of Present Continuous Tense:

  1. All are singing a patriotic song together.
  2. George is sending an email to his classmates.
  3. I am handling the situation using my skill and experience.
  4. Children are doing the experiments in the laboratory.
  5. You are solving ‘Daily Grammar Worksheet’ now.
  6. I am going to attend the seminar next week.
  7. The couple is visiting the holy places soon.
  8. The members are announcing the decision tomorrow.
  9. John is not studying in this international school.
  10. The dancers are not showing their dance performance today.
  11. They are not wasting their time in watching movies.
  12. Am I explaining the topic properly?
  13. How many students are attending the online lecture?
  14. Are the players playing more confidently today?
  15. Is my mother cooking food for the family?


Lesson No.1: Solutions
Fill in the blanks with correct forms of Past Continuous Tense:

  1. My brother was helping me to complete the homework. 
  2. The players were following the instructions given by the coach. 
  3. We were enjoying the picnic, it started to rain heavily.
  4. The teacher stopped me when I was giving the answer.
  5. While I was attending online lecture, my mobile turned off.
  6. I was watching TV while my mother was cooking.
  7. She was explaining the point and we were writing them.
  8. George was driving a car, talking on mobile loudly too.
  9. The meeting was going on, while some guys were sleeping.
  10. I was not attending the lecture regularly.
  11. The wind was not blowing when we reached there.
  12. They were not playing outdoor games in summer vacation.
  13. Were the animals grazing on green meadow?
  14. Where were the guests sleeping?
  15. Was he searching support material on internet?

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