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Common English Expressions: Warning

Useful Expressions-Warning

is something that makes you understand there is a possible danger, risk or problem, especially in the future. It is a state of being warned. Warning is an advance notice of something that will happen in coming days. We need to warn someone to avoid taking too many risks. Here are some most commonly used expressions for Warning:

  Take care
  Take care, otherwise…
  Be careful
  Be alert
  Look out!
  Watch out!
  Don’t dare to…
  Don’t touch the wire
  Don’t go there
  You can’t be too careful
  You can’t be overconfident
  Control yourself
  I think it’s better to…
  It’s better to…
  Keep yourself away from…
  Keep out of the way
  No, Never
  No, it’s risky
  Beware of…
  Mind your step
  If I were you…
  Look before you leap
  Think before you…
  Better safe than sorry
  Why do you dare to…?
  Is it really necessary to…?
  Can’t you avoid to…?
  Isn’t it possible to…?
  Don’t you think it’s a risky?
  Do you know it’s effects?
  Aren’t you aware of the consequences?
  You shouldn’t…
  You can’t…
  I’ll never allow you…
  Listen to others
  Learn to listen to others
  At least listen what we say
  We know what will happen, so…

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