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Common English Expressions: Apologizing

Useful Expressions-Apologizing

An apology is an expression of regret or remorse for actions. Apologizing is to acknowledging the hurt that your actions caused to someone else. Sincere apologies help to rebuild relationships with people you’ve hurt. Wholehearted apologies help to restore relationships with people you’ve hurt. Here are some most commonly used expressions for Apologizing.

   I’m sorry
   I’m very / extremely / really / terribly sorry
   Sorry about that!
   I’m really sorry. Are you OK?
   I’m sorry, it was entirely my fault
   My fault
   Oops, my mistake. Here you go.
   I feel bad about…
   Please forgive me for…
   Pardon me for this
   I do apologize for…
   I was wrong
   I shouldn’t have…
   I deeply regret. Please accept my apology
   May I offer you my sincerest apologies?
   What can I do to make it right?
   Please accept my apologies for…


   That’s all right
   That’s all right. It doesn’t matter
   Not at all
   Forget about it. I understand
   It doesn’t matter, but be careful next time
   Never mind
   Forget it
   No problem
   Take care
   Its OK
   Don’t worry. You’re forgiven!
   Don’t worry about it
   Don’t mention it
   Leave it
   You’re forgiven
   It doesn’t matter
   No harm done

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