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CBSE Std.7 Lesson: The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom

The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom


The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom
is a moral story about an honest, straightforward and hard-working old couple who lived with their pet dog, Muko. Unfortunately, the neighbours of the couple were greedy and cruel. Their greed and cruelty resulted into the tragic death of the dog. However, the spirit of the dog gave comfort and support to his master in unexpected and amazing ways with a hint of magical realism.

Exercise 1

Fill the blanks with suitable words:

1. There lived an old couple whose only pet was ________.
….a. a little dog

….b. a beautiful cat

2. For the New Year the old couple planned to make ________.
….a. an ice cake
….b. rice pastries and bean sauce.

3. After becoming rich the old couple gave ________ to their neighbours.
….a. coins of gold
….b. a feast

4. The stingy and wicked neighbour borrowed ________.
….a. the mortar and magic mill
….b. watering can and garden hose

5. The old farmer had made ________ made of blue crape for the dog.
….a. a carpet
….b. a cushion

6. ________ appeared when the dog scratched the ground .
….a. Pile of gold
….b. Bones and bit of fish

7. It was ________  season and the cherry tree in the old couple’s garden didn’t have leaves.
….a. summer
….b. winter

8. The man threw ________ over the tree.
….a. handful of ashes
….b. handful of grains

9. The wicked old man died in the mud, and the kind friend of the dog dwelt in ________.
….a. distress and worry
….b. peace and plenty

10. ________ is the moral of the story.
….a. ‘We should remain away from greed’
….b. ‘We should never support our neighbours’