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CBSE Std.7 Lesson: Gopal and the Hilsa-Fish

std 7 cbse gopal and hilsa-fish



Gopal and the Hilsa fish
is an interesting story about a Hilsa fish and the wise man Gopal. It was the season for Hilsa fish and everyone in the kingdom was talking about a Hilsa fish. Fishermen too were talking about Hilsa fish. In the royal court too, all the courtiers were eagerly and interestingly discussing about Hilsa fish. King was bothered and troubled by this regular discussion. He became very angry.

Later he apologized for losing his  temper. Then the king told the courtiers that it was the season of Hilsa fish and no one, including Gopal could stop people from talking about the Hilsa fish for even five minutes. Suddenly Gopal came forward and said that he was able to stop people from doing so. The king challenged him to bring a huge Hilsa fish in the palace without anyone asking him about it. Gopal confidently and trustfully accepted the challenge.

Finally, Gopal skillfully won the challenge. The king laughed and praised Gopal’s skill and congratulated him for doing the impossible thing.

Exercise 1

Fill the blanks with suitable words:

1. The king became angry and said, “Are you a courtier or ________?”
….a. beggar
….b. fisherman

2. The king felt guilty when the courtier fell silent with ________ eyes.
….a. downcast
….b. contented

3. Gopal brought the Hilsa fish and walked towards the ________.
….a. market
….b. palace

4. The king challenged to buy huge Hilsa fish and bring it to the palace without ________.
….a. anyone asking him about it
….b. showing to anyone

5. Gopal ________ King’s challenge.
….a. rejected
….b. accepted

6. Gopal’s wife surprised by seeing her husband’s ________  face.
….a. full-shaven
….b. half-shaven

7. Gopal’s wife was refusing him to go out in ________.
….a. brand-new suit
….b. disgraceful rags

8. The king ________ Gopal for doing one more impossible thing.
….a. congratulated
….b. honoured

9. From market to the court, not a single person spoke a word about ________.
….a. Hilsa fish
….b. Gopal

10. When Gopal was refused to see the king he started ________.
….a. to throw stones towards palace
….b. to dance and sing loudly