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Std.10_State Board: Language Study Answer Key


A. Complete the words by using correct letters:
i. become ii. under iii. general  iv. against  v. during
i. state ii. because iii. leave  iv. might  v. know
i. high ii. child iii. place  iv. little  v. world
i. since ii. against iii. nation  iv. which  v. large
i. person ii. write iii. think  iv. become  v. open
i. public ii. show iii. house  iv. present  v. between
i. again ii. govern iii. around  iv. develop  v. under
i. head ii. clear iii. provide  iv. expect  v. family
i. problem ii. example iii. inform  iv. sense  v. result
i. order ii. study iii. member  iv. reach  v. until

B. Complete the words by using correct letters:
head, number, people, second
nation, nectar, never, nuclear,
car, idea, keep, night
always, applaud, apple, away
control, girl, people, play
camel, castle, cat, chlorine
condition, field, increase, report
trains, trend, type, typing
early, pass, several, usual
craft, crane, credible, credit
church, rather, special, toward
entity, entrance, epidemic, equable
particular, room, social, today
domain, down, dream, drill
figure, reason, teach, white
ready, rectangular, rectify, reduce
carry, enough, rate, simple
nerve, neurotic, neuter, neutral
although, street, unite, within

practical, praise, preach, prepare

C. Punctuate the following:

How many notebooks do you have?
he said, “I am going to Europe on Saturday.”

“I’m watching TV show”, Ajay answered.
Are you really going on Thursday?

She exclaimed, “What a beautiful scene it is!”
Taj Mahal is in Agra city.

Have you studied English grammar?
My friend, John speaks Spanish fluently.

Ganesh said, “Oh, I lost my wallet!”
India and China are populated countries.

D. Make four words of minimum 3 letters using the following words:

position, post, rest, top, pot, sit, pop, rot, not, net etc.
education: tone, cone, can, cat, eat, not, nut, act etc.
development: develop, note, pole, love, not, pot, let etc.
brotherhood: brother, bother, hood, boot, door, her, red etc.
nationality: national, nation, total, lion, not, lot etc.
something: thing, things, some, got, hot, met, set etc.
determination: nation, date, mint, mine, tint, rent, tent etc.
measurement: measure, sure, tree, mart, earn, turn etc.
moderation: modern, ration, ratio, date, mode, note etc.
negotiations: station, nation, state, net, get, set, ate etc.

E. Make four words of minimum 3 letters using the following words:
Post office:
collection, delivery, mail, parcel, letter, courier, ticket, postbox etc.
station, platform, metro, track, terminus, signal, booking, reservation etc.
earth, globe, galaxy, moon, sun, satellite, space, eclipse, rotation etc.
weapon, missile, tank, firing, ceasefire, bomb, border etc.
computer, data, network, surfing, mobile, connectivity, website etc.
melody, instrument, singing, musician, lyrics, tune, dance etc.

F. Word Chain:

receive, → expect, → take, → enter, → record.
student, → tomato, → organization, → nationality, → yellow.
explain, → note, → eat, → talk, → knock.
business, → station, → neighbour, → range, → envelop.
perform, → make, → earn, → notify, → yawn.
country, → year, → root, → transportation, → nest.
spread, → decide, → entertain, → neglect, → transform.
computer, → repetition, → narrator, → report, → team.
distinguish, → harm, → marry, → yap, → prefer.
shadow, → world, → detail, → lecture, → eye.

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1) i) great  ii) slow   iii) taller   iv)favour
2)  i) kitchen, man, sale, weak
     ii) set, sit, soon, sun
3) i) “You are making a blunder”, she said to him.
    ii) “Nothing is left!” He exclaimed.
4) ‘PERSONALIZATION’ – person, nation, son, nail, nose, rose
5) Kitchen: Recipe, Dish, Chef, Flavour, Spices, Lunch, Dinner etc.
6) Wing, 1 Glamour, 2 Reason, 3 Nose, 4 Elephant

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1) i) wait  ii) sleep  iii) tailor  iv) mouth
2) i) axe, nail, pray, tax
    ii) name, net, need, nil
3) i) “You stupid!” She exclaimed.
    ii) “Don’t worry”, he assured.
4) ‘INTERNATIONAL’ –   tear, nation, ant, ten, ration, nil, Nile, inter
5) Tree: Fruits, Green, Leaves, Flowers, Stem
6) Mail, 1 Lake, 2 Egg, 3 Goat, 4 Toy

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1) i) with   ii) weep   iii) meet  iv) strong
2) i) hope, leap, take, yummy
    ii) mat, meek, meet, mile
3) i) He is a good human being, I know.
    ii) “Help me, please”, he begged.
4) ‘CENTRALIZATION’: rat, center, ant, cent, tent, ration, rain, net
5) Computer: Mouse, Software, Hardware, Keys, Internet etc.
6) Teacher, 1Rumour, 2 Rose, 3 English 4 Horse

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