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CBSE Std.7 Lesson: Three Questions


Three Questions
is an interesting story written originally by a famous Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy. This is the story of an ambitious King who was in search of answers to three questions in life. He had been struggling to find the answers to the three questions. These questions were:

  • What is the right time to begin something?
  • Which people should he listen to?
  • What is the most important thing for him to do?

The king sent messengers throughout his country to find the answers from wise men, but was not satisfied by their answers. So he decided to disguise himself as a common man to seek an advice from a wise hermit who lived in the wood. The hermit skillfully told the king that all the answers were within himself. By helping the wounded man and by spending time with the hermit, the King gradually got the answers. He got the answers of all his three questions through self-realization. He realized the way to do good to others in stead of thinking about own-self.



Fill the blanks with suitable words:

1. The King was advised by some wise men to go to the ________ .
….a. royal astrologer
….b. magicians

2. The King has ________ questions in his mind.
     a. four
     b. three

3. After feeling better the man asked for something to ________ .
     a. eat
     b. drink

4. The King washed and covered it with his ________ .
     a. handkerchief
     b. blanket

5. The man closed his ________ .
     a. eyes
     b. ears

6. The King was very happy to have made ________ with his enemy.
     a. noise
     b. peace

7. The hermit lived in a ________ .
     a. wood
     b. cave

8. Many wise men came to the King, but they all answered his questions ________ .
     a. same
     b. differently

9. It is necessary to look into the ________ .
     a. future
     b. past

10. The hermit was old and ________ .
      a. weak
      b. healthy

11. The King promised to send ________ .
      a. his own doctor
      b. his servants and his own doctor

12. The sun went down behind the ________ .
      a. house
      b. trees

13. The King tired by his ________ and the work he had done.
      a. walk
      b. running

14. The thought came to a certain King that he would never ________ .
      a. fail
      b. improve

15. Many ________ men came to the King.
      a. clever
      b. wise

16. ‘I wished to kill you and you have ________ my life’.
      a. saved
      b. cared

17. His hands were pressed against his ________ .
      a. stomach
      b. legs

18. The King re-dressed the ________ until the bleeding stopped.
      a. wound
      b. fracture

19. The King had dug ________ beds.
      a. two
      b. four

20. The King should notice all that was going on, avoid ________ .
      a. foolish pleasures
      b. pleasures

(Answers: 1-b, 2-b, 3-b, 4-a, 5-a, 6-b, 7-a, 8-b, 9-a, 10-a, 11-b, 12-b, 13-a, 14-a, 15-b, 16-a, 17-a, 18-a, 19-a, 20-a)