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CBSE Std.7 Lesson: A Gift Of Chappals

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A Gift of Chappals
is one of the moral story about the naughtiness, simplicity, modesty and charity of little children. These children always desire to explore every phase but they act according to their own perspective. The story is systematically divided into two parts.

One day Mridu, a young girl, went to her aunt Rukku Manni’s house to meet her cousins Lalli, Ravi and Meena. Ravi drew Mridu to the backyard where a small kitten laid inside a torn football. It was a fine breed of cat and the fur was looking like a lion’s mane. The children named it Mahendran. Ravi shared some information regarding the significance of cat. He further told that cat was worshiped in ancient Egypt.

While they were discussing, they heard a haunting sound from the window. The cat was frightened too. When the children peeped through the window they saw Lalli holding the violin. The music master was just sitting in front of Lalli. She was unable to play the violin properly. When a beggar appeared at the gate, mother told Ravi to send him away. The beggar has been coming there for the past week and his voice irritated her much. Ravi felt very sad and uncomfortable to send the beggar away. The children pitied on the beggar & gave him the chappal of music master. The beggar blessed the children.

Rukku Manni brought Gopu Mama’s new chappals and gave them to the music-master. She apologized to the master on behalf of her son, Ravi. The music master became surprised by seeing it.



Fill the blanks with suitable words:

1. People usually tell us to be __________ for animals.
    a. kind
    b. cruel

2. Mridu is a __________ girl.
    a. old
    b. young

3. A torn football was lined with sacking and filled with __________.
    a. sand
    b. water

4. __________ were worshiped in ancient Egypt.
    a. cats
    b. parrots

5. __________ was the full name of kitten.
    a. R.R.Poonai
    b. M.P.Poonai

6. Mridu, a young girl, grew up in __________ city.
    a. Madras
    b. Hyderabad

7. Mridu lived with her __________.
    a. grandparents
    b. parents

8. The children saw Lalli holding __________.
     a. violin
     b. guitar

9. Mridu and Meena followed Ravi __________ back into the garden.
….a. happily
….b. nervously

10. When Mridu stepped into the verandah, her eyes fell on the odd-looking __________.
….a. shoes
    b. chappals

11. The music master came out of the house and took an __________ look.
    a. unappreciative
    b. appreciative

12. Rukku Mani hurried indoors and brought out Gopu Mama’s __________.
    a. old chappals
    b. new chappals

(Answers: 1-a, 2-b, 3-a, 4-a, 5-b, 6-a, 7-a, 8-a, 9-b, 10-b, 11-a, 12-b)